What is a check register? what does this mean

If you own a small business and want to receive all kinds of bank transaction details such as cash and check, you can use a check register

Check register allows you to see bank account transaction details regularly. Check register also called a cash disbursement journal

Check Register

A check register usually calculates daily transaction details like deposit and withdrawal. The bookkeeper can check to see the total balance in the account as well as the checks and disbursements

In check register gernally has columns that include the dates, the check number, the payee, the account names used and the credit and debits associated with the transaction.

How to Apply for a Check Register

If you haven’t received a check register with your checkbooks so you have this options

  • Take a check register from the back or anywhere you can find one.
  • Use this free Google Docs template
  • In your favorite design or spreadsheet tool, create a simple register

Check Register Example

A check register simple and efficient way to maintain your finances asset simply the best part of the check register is
 used to keep a record of all your transactions

Below we have listed a few templates for the sample check register

check register
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